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❀ Wassup, fam! ❀

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Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy your visit here! This is a hate-free zone, so please restrain yourself from being mean here. Okay? :D

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About Me Free To Use by xC0DE666x

✿ Anis || ʌni:s ✿
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

{ A lazy perfectionist, an expert procrastinator, a rubbish an amateur writer, your full-time dreamer, everyone's future physician.
|| ★ Team KuroBas ★ || 18 || INFP - Phlegmatic }


Thank you very much for watching me, adding my fics to your favourites, leaving reviews on my deviations and giving me llamas! I really welcome your feedback! :D

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I also own a membership on Ao3,, Wattpad, Quotev, and Lunaescence, I use the same username as this one, anisahspryd on all sites I'm on.

WARNING : ( I DO NOT own the pics/gifs, icons, dividers, stamps, and thumbs on this page, they belong to their rightful owners. :) )

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✎ My Literature Corner ✎

Language Barrier (Hinata Shouyou x Fem!Reader)
Title: Language Barrier
Fandom / Series: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Teens (T)
Setting / POV: Canon Universe / Second Person's POV
Word Count: 3254
Hinata wants to get acquainted with you, but there is one thing that he must overcome before reaching his ultimate goal; you speak another language and he has to find a way to deal with the linguistic differences, all for the sake of his innocent interest in you.
"Kageyama, have you ever visited [country] before ?"
"Kageyama, can you speak [language] ?"
"I can't."
"Kageyama, have you ever learned [language] ?"
"No I haven't, now shut up."
"Kageyama, how do I greet someone in [language] ?" Hinata whined childishly at his partner.
"Hell if I know! Why are you asking me anyway?!" the first year setter roared in response, no chill.
"That's right, Hinata. Out of all people, why did you choose to ask him? You're his partner, you should have known better." Tsukishi
Alike (Dad!Mayuzumi Chihiro x Mum!Reader) - [AU]
Title: Alike
Fandom / Series: Kuroko no Basket
Rating: Teens (T)
Settings / POV: Alternate Universe - Marriage & Parenthood Setting / Second Person's POV
Words Count: 1731
Sometimes, resemblance can be very interesting. But apparently, Mayuzumi begs to differ because this isn't what he signed up for.
It was a peaceful morning in the Mayuzumi household.
Your grey-haired husband was lounging in the living room, sitting on a couch with your one-year-old safely perched on his lap. Soft, relaxing music filled the room, adding to the comfortable atmosphere, causing the former basketball player to hum ever so slightly. Curious light blue eyes looked up at Mayuzumi's face as your baby extended his two chubby hands, trying to climb on the older male's chest.
Grey orbs grew alarmed of the little one's movements and he reflexively closed the 'How To Stand Out' book he was reading for self-improvement to secure his baby, g
Deadline (Tsukishima Kei x Fem!Reader) - [AU]
Title: Deadline
Fandom / Series: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Teens (T)
Settings / POV: Alternate Universe - Future Setting / Second Person's POV
Word Count: 3889 (lol this may be longer than my own lifespan)
You're just an ordinary writer who will soon launch her second novel and you know how hard it is to start your own writing career with the hardships and all. To make matter worse, you have to work with a smug editor who ends up entering your personal life without you even realising.
Author's Note: * Be warned, there will be cussing in this fic since both Tsukishima and Reader have majestically potty mouths. Tell me if this needs a mature content filter! :)
** Reader is 25 years old, our beloved potato stick is 26 years old here.
*** I'm not familiar with how this publishing-a-book thing, so if any of you happens to have experience with it, do enlighten me~ :D
**** That's all, happy reading! :heart:
Rivalry (Tsukishima Kei x Fem!Reader)
Title: Rivalry
Fandom / Series: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Teens (T)
Setting / POV: Canon Universe / Second Person's POV
Word Count: 1284
No matter what you do, a certain bespectacled blond always views it as competition and tries to outshine you in every aspect, but, is competition even necessary when you two don't even have any reasons to treat each other as rival?
A certain freckled boy was looking troubled as he walked behind his two classmates whom he thought to be mutually, romantically interested in each other. The signs were easy to see, though their tendencies to treat everything as a chance to prove their respective superiority kind of got in the way of their romantic progress. The two got extremely competitive literally over anything, if one of them got a better result, the other one would taunt the victor with provoking remarks, maybe that was why the rivalry between Tsukishima and ______ wa

Amateurish written creations of mine! :D

Copyright notice by AngelLale87

☆ Featured Deviations ☆

A King's Confession (Kageyama Tobio x Fem!Reader)
Title: A King’s Confession
Fandom / Series: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Teens (T)
Setting / POV: Canon Universe / Second Person’s POV
Word Count: 3038
Kageyama is a king on the court, but he’s just another stuttering mess in romance. What will happen if the genius setter wants to convey his feelings to his crush; does he need someone to play matchmaker, or will he able to figure everything out on his own?
Author's Note: This is kind of a prequel/spinoff to Prove It but can be read as a standalone fic~
“Um… I’m sorry for asking… but what’s this?”
“What do you mean? It’s a yogurt drink, of course.”
Groaning lowly, you exhaled in comical exasperation upon hearing your certain classmate’s response. Hinata Shouyo, a fellow resident of
Prove It (Kageyama Tobio x Fem!Reader)
Title: Prove It
Fandom / Series: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Teens (T)
Setting / POV: Canon Universe / Second Person’s POV
Word Count: 3442
Kageyama and you have been dating for three months now, yet he never shows any sign of affections and treats you the same way he does everyone. You begin to question his true feelings; does he really think of you as his girlfriend? A proof, that’s all what you want and need from him.
A heated argument between a pair of lovers echoed in the gymnasium where Karasuno volleyball team was practising in. The other team members just stood there as they watched you and Kageyama argue back and forth, aggressively debating about the accident involving you and him earlier.
Kageyama had been thinking about the best position to come up with a powerful and proper toss when you were about to approach him and give him a sports drink. He had been too absorbed in perfecting his gesture
His Greatest Fear (Levi x Fem!Reader)
Title: His Greatest Fear
Fandom / Series: Attack on Titan
Rating: Teens (T)
Setting / POV: Canon Universe / Second Person's POV
Word Count: 5124
What happens when during your wonderful marriage years with Levi, you suddenly go astray and make a huge mess, will Levi ever open up his heart again?
Even such painful word couldn't describe what you were being to Levi right now.
It was the only thing that could sum up your new status and behaviour now. As a traitor
You had just let out your shameful disloyalty in front of Captain Levi. That Levi, Mankind’s Greatest Hope and…
your husband
Levi. Everyone knew how admirable he could ever be, he was strong; there was no doubt, he was gracious; you could even see that, he faithfully devoted the rest of his life taking down every last one of walking titan on the Earth

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Unrequited (Levi x Neutral!Reader)
Title: Unrequited
Fandom / Series: Attack on Titan
Rating: Teens (T)
Setting / POV: Canon Universe / Second Person's POV
Word Count: 1584
Unrequited love sucks; nothing is more hurtful than being hated by someone whom you like / love / care about, and it's more torturous when you realise that Levi treats you like a punching-bag. The painful reality is just too much for you to overcome.
Corporal Levi.
You didn't know why he hated you.
You did nothing wrong to him, and you never exchanged any words to each other, so why did he resent you that much?
You didn’t even have the slightest idea how that happened, his hatred. And it hurt you so much to know that he had disliked you even before you had the chance to interact with him, what did you do to deserve his cold attitude and unfriendly manners?
You had been there ever since he first joined the Scouting Legion, ever since he became a part of the humanity

Mature Content

Fanfictions that have received 100+ favourites! :star:

✍ Work In Progress ✍

KuroBasu - (Akashi Seijuurou x Fem!Reader) = F2U Writing progress bar ??% by Aqua-Spirit22
KuroBasu - (Midorima Shintarou x Fem!Reader) = F2U Writing progress bar 10% by Aqua-Spirit22
KuroBasu - (Kuroko Tetsuya x Fem!Reader( = F2U Writing progress bar 0% by Aqua-Spirit22
Haikyuu!! - (Tsukishima Kei x Fem!Reader) = F2U Writing progress bar 60% by Aqua-Spirit22
Haikyuu!! - (Oikawa Tooru x Fem!Reader) = F2U Writing progress bar 10% by Aqua-Spirit22
Noragami - (Yato x Fem!Reader) = F2U Writing progress bar 0% by Aqua-Spirit22

I'm very sorry, but I do not take requests due to my tendency to procrastinate. Also, I am a really slow writer, so, be patient with me.

✪ Favourites ✪

//oikawa tooru x reader//
[sequel to enough]
(NOTE: if you readers feel like {enough} and [musing] is perfect on their own, then feel free to ignore this sequel!)
[i don't forgive people because i am weak.
i forgive them because i am strong enough to accept the fact that people make mistakes.]

A man in his late thirties adjusts his cardigan nervously, pulling the soft material down as his hands shakily wipe against his jeans before walking into the living room.
His soft brown eyes crinkle up in a smile upon seeing his two children on the couch [1].
His eldest daughter yawns while rubbing her eyes, resting her elbow on the couch before murmuring, "Dad seriously, why'd you wake us up so early?"
"Yeah, and on a Saturday too."
The man chuckles, hearing his son chip in with his sister as well, "Maa, sorry sorry, tell you what, if you kiddies are good a
Found [Dad! Shuzo Nijimura x Mom! Reader]
For months, you had insisted. No, nagged Shūzō about getting a family portrait for the living room. You were ecstatic when he finally agreed. You bought clothes and day-dreamed of how perfect the picture would look on the wall just behind that coach. No, by the fire place. “Wherever would be fine”, Shūzō insisted, trying to bring you down to earth but you wouldn’t be stopped. Reasoning that all of you couldn’t get into the picture, you went ahead and booked an appointment at a studio at the mall. Boy, was that a mistake you think regretting your decision.The whole thing is a nightmare and you haven't the the pictures taken yet. An experience you don’t want to repeat till they are well into their teens and can actually sit still.
    The photographer’s patience with your brat pack had long run out. He’d just stepped outside to let you sort yourselves out. Satsuki had somehow managed to tangle the frills
{heartbeat, heartbreak}
{heartbeat, heartbreak}
//Tsukishima Kei x Reader//
*Don't plagiarize this plot.
*Tsukishima and Reader are both first years.
*STORY TRADE WITH :iconminakurosaki:
{Tell me why you did it?
Every dream falling apart
Tell me why you did it
after the promise?
Still aching,
Still aching,
Oh baby, I need your love
Looking so different,
Glaring street light}

"TSUKKI!!" With a happy smile on your face, you throw your arms around your tall and ridiculously handsome best friend.
He glares down at you, pulling down his headphones before clicking his tongue at you, "Oi, watch it, you're gonna make me fall."
You ignore him and continue to nuzzle at his back, thinking to yourself before burying your face within his back:
I love you, Kei.
Despite the thousands upon thousands of times you have thought of that simple phrase, you could never find the courage to properly voice them.
He stands at the street corner with his hands in
{Money Power Glory}
{Money Power Glory}
//Akashi Seijurō x Reader|
*Don’t plagiarize this plot.
*Birthday gift for my good friend :iconcronusamporaswifey:, and this is also (as quoted by her) inspired by a manga she read that dealt with a girl marrying a cruel man for his money.
*Both the Reader and Akashi are 23 years old.
{You say that you wanna go
To a land that's far away
How are we supposed to get there
With the way that we're living today?}

You kneel beside your fiancé, placing your slender hands on top of your lap as you felt the layers of your wedding kimono engulf your form.
The corner of your (color) eyes took in the sight of the man next to you. Vacant, scarlet hues looked to the front, the curve of his lips set in a thin line. His hair was slick back with trace amounts of gel in place, looking as neat and handsome as the day you first met him.
And yet, I can’t bring myself to be happy at being tied to this man.
Your families had close

Stories that piqued my interest! :heart:


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I'm thinking of writing Fem!Oikawa x Male!Reader once my damned exam is over, what do you think? 

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