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Hey, You! (Tutor!Levi x Student!Reader) - AU [4/?]
Chapter four is here! Sorry for taking too long and thanks for anyone who's willing enough to keep up with the update, I'm a really slow writer so I'm not able to update as much as everyone else, thanks for your understanding! :)

There are several things I'd like to announce to my readers out there, I would appreciate it so much if you take some time to read these:

#1 During the making of this chapter, I came up with few 'ideas', and that's why I changed the Reader's age from 17 to 18, it's just a minor detail, but will play an important role to the plot, since the age gap between her and Levi also gets smaller ;)
#2 Farlan is the same age as Levi, around 21 or whatever, meanwhile Isabel is just 20 years old.
#3 If you're not familiar with Nifa, you can read all about her here

(and now, my confession)

#4 I am now more focused on Kuroko no Basuke instead of SnK. If you ask me why, I think it's my fault, since January 2015, I've been re-watching the second season of KnB, and doing it makes me gain more interest in the series, not that I've never been interested in KnB, though, I started watching KnB earlier than I did SnK, but SnK caught my attention more than KnB at that time, so I forgot about Kuroko and the gang for a while. But it seems like my 'interest' in KnB resurfaced recently. The third season of KnB is still airing (there are already 8 episodes), and the manga is still ongoing even though it comes out in every two months, and I'm still following the development from SnK, so I'm not leaving/abandoning one series for the other. This doesn't mean I've completely lost interest in Attack on Titan, I still read SnK reader-inserts here, on Ao3 and also on Wattpad, I still like this series, I still consider myself as a part of SnK fandom and I will continue writing SnK fanfictions and of course, I want to write this 'Hey, You!' until its last chapter, I'm still looking forward to reading many wonderful fanfictions created by fellow SnK fans, and I'll wait until the second season of SnK finally air in 2016 or so. I still like SnK, and I'm not dropping the series, but for the time being, I will be busying myself with KnB fanfictions. I hope you don't mind :)

By the way, if you haven't watched Kuroko's Basketball, you should really give it a try. Jean's seiyuu (Taniyama Kisho) sings the OP of the anime, not to mention, Erwin's and LEVI's seiyuu (Ono Daisuke -- Kamiya Hiroshi) also voice Midorima Shintarou and Akashi Seijuurou respectively. And also Takao Kazunari! He looks like Levi a lot, they're exact opposite of each other, though! XD

I'm sorry for any grammatical errors, English isn't my native / first language (if you see any errors please kindly inform me, I don't have time to proofread because I'm sleepy as duck)

Attack on Titan belongs to Isayama Hajime Eren1

You? Belong to no one (not yet)

This story belongs to ME, :iconanisahspryd:, don't repost / reuse without permission, & don't claim it as your own! Eren and Mikasa Duo Approach [V1]

The preview image belongs to Production I.G & Wit Studio, I found it on Zerochan and it's an official image.

Want to read other Attack on Titan reader inserts that I made? SpongeBob (Sexy Love)

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Eren x Reader

Playing Hide and Seek with Him
Kasamatsu? Did you mean Kasamat(chu)? He's so chu-able, after all. And Kise would be very (Kiss)e-able~ 
Midorima ? More like Mi(DORK)ima *hand spazz*
Me: *calls pizza delivery number*
Pizza guy: *picks up*
Pizza guy: Hello, how can I help you?
Me: Can I have Kuroko, Akashi and Izuki--
Pizza guy: *hangs up*
Pizza guy: *blocks my number*
Pizza guy: *quits his job and moves to another country*
Me: bruh.


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Things I Need to Clear Up!

You can now find me on Ao3,, Wattpad, Quotev, and Lunaescence under the same username, anisahspryd :) . So if you find someone posting the exact same fanfictions as mine on the other websites, I can 100% guarantee you that it's not me , he or she is just a fic-stealer, yo .

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